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Message from the Institute Director/ Principles

April 2024
Noriko Hasebe
Director, Institute for Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, Kanazawa University

 Institute for Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion, which was established in April 2022 as an organization responsible for formulating measures and implementing projects related to diversity, is now in its third year, and we have decided to reorganize the organization in April 2024. From FY 2024, we have started with four new Division: Division of Work-life Balance and Universal Accessibility (work style reform, environmental improvement), Division of Career Design (support for female researchers, development of the next generation), Division of Promoting Inclusivity (support for people with disabilities, international faculty and staff, international students, LGBTQ+ individuals), Division of Education and Research (diversity research promotion, program proposals, and training), and Division of Takaramachi -Tsuruma Campus.

 In 2023, Kanazawa University issued the “Declaration of Diversity Promotion,” and in order to develop and contribute to the region and the world, each member with a variety of attributes and individualities will respect each other with pride. We have declared that we aim to create an environment that guarantees fairness in study, research, and work, where students can have high aspirations and demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. By establishing a new division of education and research from FY2024, we will promote an even more comprehensive diversity environment. We appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.

Kanazawa University Diversity Promotion Principles

 Kanazawa University aims to realize an environment that allows all its members to make the most of their abilities in their study, research and work with high aspirations on an equitable basis, while respecting differences in age, nationality, disability, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity and other characteristics. To attain this goal, we will improve our educational, research and working environments and promote activities to raise awareness in these areas.

 Through the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and by operating on the principle of “becoming a research university dedicated to education, while opening its doors to both local and global society”, we will contribute to world peace and sustainable development and help realize an inclusive environment in which all members of the university can respect each other’s attributes and characteristics.

 Here, the university establishes the “Kanazawa University Diversity Promotion Principles” and positions them as values shared by all members, who will act in accordance with them.